Recalling and reaffirming the New York Call to Action from the Pediatricians of the World presented at
the  United Nations General Assembly Special Session on Children in 2002:

Which recognized the tragedy of preventable child death and preventable child physical and
psychosocial ill health

Which noted that adequate knowledge and skills exist for prevention and treatment of the major
global child health problems

Which acknowledged that the International Pediatric Association with more than 500,000
pediatricians from countries throughout the world is strategically placed for leadership in global
child health

Which pledged the International Pediatric Association to work with United Nations agencies,
governments, and other stakeholders to address urgent issues of global child health and to
monitor progress towards achievement of the Millennium Development Goals

Expressing concern in 2005 that urgent action is needed to achieve fulfillment of the Millennium
Development Goals in the decade 2005- 2015: