My Fellow Pediatricians,

The past 10 years has been very important for pediatrics. Children around the world are receiving significant benefits from improved service and science in nearly every part of the globe, Neonatal mortality has decreased by almost a half, disability rates are down, awareness of critical matters centring on early child development has greatly increased and issues of violence against children are receiving increased attention. Polio has been nearly eliminated. Partnerships continue to be demonstrated to be critical on behalf of children.

All these advances are truly remarkable but much remains to be done even while we are encouraged by progress. Immunization rates are fragile everywhere. More children live in areas beset by war. Malnutrition, neglect and displacement of children are at levels unprecedented in human history. An effective response to protect children's health and psychosocial well being requires our constant attention and advocacy.

Pediatricians must be united more than never before to secure the gains for families and their children. I am optimistic that our joint and coordinated action can further benefit all children. The themes of protection, prevention and partnership must continue to bring us forward on behalf of children. The IPA will serve these goals vigorously. Thank you for everything you do. Be informed, be connected and continue in your efforts.

William Keenan
Executive Director
International Pediatric Association