IPA 2013 is the global meeting place for Physicians, Researchers, Nurses and Health Care Workers in the field of Pediatrics and its sub-specialties. Dedicated to promoting and improving child health and setting it as a high priority on the world agenda professionals in the field will convene in Melbourne for a high-level scientific program focused specifically on “Bridging the Gaps in Child & Adolescent Health.” Join leading experts to explore different opinions, treatment methodologies, and practices of pediatric and adolescent care.
IPA Association
The International Pediatric Association (IPA) is the only global representative of the pediatric community. IPA has over 100 years experience and 166 Members Societies.
Local Organizer RACP
The Royal Australasian College of Physicians is a diverse and energetic organization responsible for training, educating over 13,500 physicians and paediatricians in Australia and New Zealand.
About Melbourne
Melbourne, a lively and cosmopolitan city, combines a fanatical love for the creative arts and good living with sports making a city like no other.