WHO IVB vaccines and diseases

 The WHO IVB vaccines and diseases website has been comprehensively updated.

As of March 2014, there are 27 websites covering a list of core vaccine-preventable diseases, together with diseases which are the focus of major vaccine development efforts. Each of the 27 pages contains links to resources on the most recent WHO vaccine position papers, vaccine safety summaries, and guidelines for national regulatory authorities and vaccine manufacturers, lists of prequalified vaccines, disease burden estimation and surveillance where available. Links are provided to key WHO technical documents in each area, including vaccine introduction guidelines and guidance on post introduction safety and effectiveness/impact evaluations.  In areas with no internationally available vaccines details are provided on the global research portfolios and possible timelines (e.g. Hepatitis E, malaria and dengue).

In addition the page links to the website containing all WHO vaccine position papers, and the summary tables containing WHO recommended immunization schedules.

www.who.int/immunization/diseases is a definitive resource for globally relevant technical information on immunization and vaccines.

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