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1 Oral cholera vaccination campaign launched in Somalia 03/23/2017 View Detail
2 PATH welcomes US$1.2 million grant from the Family Larsson-Rosenquist Foundation to increase access to lifesaving human milk 03/23/2017 View Detail
3 Afghan Women Leading the Battle Against Polio 03/17/2017 View Detail
4 CDC reports on response to polio outbreak in Syria in 2013–2015 03/17/2017 View Detail
5 Videos: The Lancet Maternal Health Series 03/17/2017 View Detail
6 Sweden contributes $80 million to UNICEF’s work in 2017 03/10/2017 View Detail
7 India Part of Health Network to Reduce Maternal, Newborn Deaths 03/10/2017 View Detail
8 Vaccination campaigns changing lives of Nigerian women 03/10/2017 View Detail
9 WHO and PAHO Initiative to Support 17 New Research Proposals on Zika in Seven Countries in Latin America and the Caribbean 03/03/2017 View Detail
10 Working towards a virus-free polio vaccine 03/03/2017 View Detail
11 WHO publishes list of bacteria for which new antibiotics are urgently needed 03/02/2017 View Detail
12 EU provides critical support to health systems strengthening and polio eradication in Nigeria 02/24/2017 View Detail
13 Japan gives US$ 33.3 million in emergency polio funding 02/24/2017 View Detail
14 Public Consultation: Global Financing Facility Civil Society Engagement Strategy 02/24/2017 View Detail
15 Yellow fever outbreak ends in Angola and Democratic Republic of the Congo 02/17/2017 View Detail
16 Gates Annual Letter: Zero is the Magic Number 02/17/2017 View Detail
17 Reducing maternal and newborn deaths by half 02/17/2017 View Detail
18 The International MA Program in Child Development 02/11/2017 View Detail
19 Yearly, 8.8 million people die from cancer 02/10/2017 View Detail
20 In India, 410 million children to be vaccinated against measles-rubella 02/09/2017 View Detail
21 4.7 million children in vaccination campaign against measles in northeast Nigeria 02/02/2017 View Detail
22 The Republic Of Korea Takes Flight For Polio 02/02/2017 View Detail
23 Polio Front And Centre At Annual Meeting Of Global Public Health Leaders 02/02/2017 View Detail
24 MSD for Mothers commits $10 million to the Global Financing Facility to help end preventable deaths of mothers 01/27/2017 View Detail
25 Quansys Biosciences launches Q-Plex (TM) Micronutrient Array to combat malnutrition 01/27/2017 View Detail
26 In India pioneers protect children from deadly diarrhoea 01/20/2017 View Detail
27 PATH welcomes grant to advance Group B Streptococcus vaccine development 01/20/2017 View Detail
28 Millions of children to receive measles vaccine in north-eastern Nigeria 01/20/2017 View Detail
29 Response to trauma cases saves hundreds of lives in Iraq 01/13/2017 View Detail
30 CDC Highlights Significant Contributions in the Fight against Zika in 2016 01/13/2017 View Detail
31 Pakistani city launches new polio campaign after rare strain found 01/13/2017 View Detail
32 WHO organizes training on Kangaroo Mother Care 01/06/2017 View Detail
33 CDC awards nearly $184 million to continue the fight against Zika 12/29/2016 View Detail
34 Local leaders’ influence helps safe childbirth in rural Bangladesh 12/22/2016 View Detail
35 CDC Releases Preliminary Estimates of Birth Defects Following Zika Virus Infection in Pregnancy 12/22/2016 View Detail
36 Gavi to support immunisation of children in Syria 12/16/2016 View Detail
37 Earthquake hits Indonesia, emergency response rolled out 12/16/2016 View Detail
38 New HIV infections among adolescents projected to rise by nearly 60 per cent by 2030 if progress stalls – UNICEF 12/07/2016 View Detail
39 WHO felicitates Sri Lanka for eliminating malaria 12/07/2016 View Detail
40 Stop bombing schools and hospitals, says UNICEF 12/01/2016 View Detail
41 Eliminating malaria in the Greater Mekong Subregion 11/29/2016 View Detail
42 Vaccination campaign reaches more than 729 000 people in Haiti 11/29/2016 View Detail
43 WHO declares the end of the Zika virus Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC) 11/25/2016 View Detail
44 Malaria Vaccine Pilots to go ahead 11/25/2016 View Detail
45 3rd WHO Consultation on Global Action Plan for Influenza Vaccines 11/25/2016 View Detail
46 Delhi is a wakeup call for world on air pollution - UNICEF 11/19/2016 View Detail
47 UNICEF statement on grave risks to children in Rakhine State, Myanmar 11/18/2016 View Detail
48 Hundreds of children die of measles every day 11/15/2016 View Detail
49 Pregnant women must be able to access the right care at the right time 11/11/2016 View Detail
50 Measles vaccination campaign in Nigeria's Borno State 11/11/2016 View Detail
51 Kyrgyzstan certified to be malaria-free 11/11/2016 View Detail
52 Over 1 million treated with highly effective hepatitis C medicines 11/04/2016 View Detail
53 Haiti: a journey of lifesaving supplies 11/04/2016 View Detail
54 Lead poisoning is entirely preventable - Lead-free kids for healthy feature 11/04/2016 View Detail
55 The 2017 Global Health Research Award Sponsored by the Academic Pediatric Association 11/02/2016 View Detail
56 Save the date - Evidence-based advocacy for rotavirus prevention in Asia 11/02/2016 View Detail
57 Action falling short to end tuberculosis epidemic 10/21/2016 View Detail
58 Massive immunization campaign to reach 41 million children in Nigeria and region to contain polio outbreak - UNICEF 10/21/2016 View Detail
59 Five in six children under two not getting enough nutrition for growth and brain development - UNICEF 10/21/2016 View Detail
60 Better working conditions needed for midwives 10/17/2016 View Detail
61 Classification of diseases essential for health systems 10/17/2016 View Detail
62 Over 300,000 children under five died from diarrhoeal diseases linked to limited access to safe water, sanitation and hygiene in 2015 - UNICEF 10/17/2016 View Detail
63 E-learning course on vaccine safety basics 10/13/2016 View Detail
64 Fifth Global Vaccine Safety initiative Meeting, 26-27 October 2016. Addis Ababa Ethiopia 10/13/2016 View Detail
65 Communicating about vaccine safety 10/13/2016 View Detail
66 CDC issues Zika special travel considerations for 11 Southeast Asian countries 10/04/2016 View Detail
67 Region of the Americas is declared free of measles 10/04/2016 View Detail
68 YELLOW FEVER: SITUATION REPORT 10/04/2016 View Detail
69 CDC and WHO report on poliovirus vaccination campaign in India 09/01/2016 View Detail
70 WHO heightens health response to cholera outbreak in CAR 08/31/2016 View Detail
71 Statement on the 10th IHR Emergency Committee regarding the international spread of poliovirus 08/31/2016 View Detail
72 New Research Findings on AnemiaTherapy 08/26/2016 View Detail
73 Preventing violence against children promotes better health 08/18/2016 View Detail
74 Mobile labs deliver faster yellow fever test results 08/13/2016 View Detail
75 WHO and Ministry of Health expand cholera response to minimize future risk 08/13/2016 View Detail
76 UNICEF providing urgent aid for families displaced by South Sudan fighting 07/16/2016 View Detail
77 Families welcome vaccination campaign in Yemen 07/16/2016 View Detail
78 UNICEF launches flagship report "The State of the World's Children 2016: A fair chance for every child" 07/04/2016 View Detail
79 Violence Against Children- IPA submitted statement at WHA 2016 05/28/2016 View Detail
80 Child Survival- IPA submitted statement at WHA 2016 05/28/2016 View Detail
81 Prevention of Blindness Due to Retinopathy of Prematurity IPA submitted statement at WHA 2016 05/28/2016 View Detail
82 WHO calls on countries to prepare as Zika virus expected to spread in Europe in late spring and summer 05/24/2016 View Detail
83 CDC Changes Reporting of Numbers of Pregnant Women affected by Zika Virus 05/24/2016 View Detail
84 National polio immunization campaign aims to vaccinate over 9 million children in Afghanistan 05/24/2016 View Detail
85 WHO South–East Asia Region eliminates Maternal and Neonatal Tetanus 05/23/2016 View Detail
86 Call for Abstract 05/19/2016 View Detail
87 Grand Challenges Explorations 05/09/2016 View Detail
88 Combating Zika and Future Threats 05/09/2016 View Detail
89 CDC Launches " Clean Hands Count Campaign" 05/06/2016 View Detail
90 Polio News April 2016 05/05/2016 View Detail
91 ISSOP e-bulletin March 2016 04/26/2016 View Detail
92 New UNICEF Innocenti Report: Growing inequality among children in high-income countries 04/16/2016 View Detail
93 Letter from GPEI 04/14/2016 View Detail
94 Sympathies for the families of Lahore from the International Pediatric Association 04/06/2016 View Detail
95 Civil Society Declaration for Equitable Access to Immunization in Africa 03/02/2016 View Detail
96 World Birth Defects Day March 3 2016 03/02/2016 View Detail
97 Women in the context of microcephaly and Zika virus disease 02/19/2016 View Detail
98 V International Symposium on Updates in Pediatrics 02/16/2016 View Detail
99 APPA bulletin 2016 Volume 67 02/03/2016 View Detail
100 Global Launch of The Lancet Breastfeeding Series 02/03/2016 View Detail
101 ISSOP e-bulletin January 2016 01/30/2016 View Detail
102 Date of Abstract submission for IPA congress 2016 extended to January 29, 2016 01/21/2016 View Detail
103 ISSOP e-buletin November 2015 12/07/2015 View Detail
104 Unless we act now : The impact of climate change on children 12/03/2015 View Detail
105 Report on 59th Turkish National Pediatric Congress 11/23/2015 View Detail
106 New Report by the UNHCR, "I am here, I belong" 11/07/2015 View Detail
107 Global Standards for quality health care services for adolescents by WHO 10/20/2015 View Detail
108 The Global Strategy for Women's , Children's, and Adolescents Health 10/15/2015 View Detail
109 International lead poisoning prevention week of action 10/15/2015 View Detail
110 Never allow chlorhexidine digluconate in the eye 09/30/2015 View Detail
111 Defeating Diarrhea: Simple solutions weave the fabric of community health 09/28/2015 View Detail
112 IPA Call for Nominations 2016 09/07/2015 View Detail
113 Introducing the Inactivated Polio Vaccine (IPV) : Global Status Update 09/05/2015 View Detail
114 The People at the Heart of Polio Eradication in Afghanistan 09/05/2015 View Detail
115 ICATCH Call for Proposal - 2015 09/01/2015 View Detail
116 IPA contributes to Every Women Every Child Strategy 09/01/2015 View Detail
117 The AAP urges the Congress of the USA to take action supporting global programs for the well being of mothers and children 08/17/2015 View Detail
118 ISSOP e-Bulletin No. 16 - July 2015 08/15/2015 View Detail
119 Typhoid In News 08/10/2015 View Detail
120 WABA WORLD BREASTFEEDING WEEK 2015 08/03/2015 View Detail
122 Procedings of 11th international rotavirus symposium 2014 07/20/2015 View Detail
123 SAPA Bulletin 07/17/2015 View Detail
124 New Edition of - 'How to Help the Children in Disasters' 07/02/2015 View Detail
125 IPA Supporting Improvement in Child Health, 2015 WHA 06/15/2015 View Detail
126 IPA Adolescent Health - Position Statement, 2015 WHA 06/15/2015 View Detail
127 IPA Co-hosts Education Session at the 68th World Health Assembly 06/13/2015 View Detail
128 IPA Support Neonatal Resuscitation Training for >300,000 Providers 06/12/2015 View Detail
129 Falsified Meningitis Vaccines circulating in West Africa 06/03/2015 View Detail
130 Join us on Webinar - HBB Catalyzing HBS 05/28/2015 View Detail
131 Beirut Declaration for Early Childhood Peace - TAG ECD IPA 05/28/2015 View Detail
132 Delivering for Mothers and Newborns: Ending Preventable Maternal and Newborn Deaths 05/19/2015 View Detail
134 ISSOP e-Bulletin No 14. March 2015 03/14/2015 View Detail
135 Six months without polio in Africa 02/13/2015 View Detail
136 Persistence Pays: Pakistan on the road again for polio eradication. 02/09/2015 View Detail
138 2014 in review: key health issues 01/09/2015 View Detail
139 Ebola Survivors Across West Africa Share Life-Saving Tips 01/07/2015 View Detail
140 Fighting for polio and his life without a penny in payment 12/19/2014 View Detail
141 IVAC-VIMS-Report-2014 Sep 11/29/2014 View Detail
142 African Paediatrician's Call to Action 11/27/2014 View Detail
143 WHO response to malnutrition in Syria 11/26/2014 View Detail
144 ISSOP position statement on sponsorship by the baby feeding industry 11/12/2014 View Detail
145 IPA Guidelines for relationships with Industry - 2014 05/09/2014 View Detail
146 ISSOP position statement on sponsorship by the baby feeding industry 04/29/2014 View Detail
148 Spotted Campaign by Measles & Rubella Initiative 04/25/2014 View Detail
149 Vaccines save lives and should be used without any fear or prejudice 04/18/2014 View Detail
150 Global Polio Eradication Award for Polio Research on Trialect 04/11/2014 View Detail
151 ISSOP e-Bulletin; No 9; March 2014 04/04/2014 View Detail
152 Global methylmercury exposure from seafood consumption and risk of developmental neurotoxicity: a systematic review 04/02/2014 View Detail
153 WHO IVB vaccines and diseases 04/02/2014 View Detail
154 A special supplement in a daily national newspaper with truly large circulation, went out in early February. 02/26/2014 View Detail
155 Politics cannot get in the way of the battle against polio 02/11/2014 View Detail
156 CoPedia has extended the Abstract Submission Deadline & Early Registration Deadline 01/27/2014 View Detail
157 India's Three-Year Polio-Free Anniversary 01/13/2014 View Detail
158 7th Asian Congress of Pediatric Infectious Diseases (ACPID 2014) 01/03/2014 View Detail
159 Early Bird Registration for ISPPD-9 and Robert Austrian Research Awards 12/17/2013 View Detail
160 India vaccine hysteria puts children's lives at risk 11/26/2013 View Detail
161 Report of 57th Turkish National Pediatric Society Congress 11/13/2013 View Detail
162 Pediatricians' unique role in stopping measles and rubella everywhere 10/25/2013 View Detail
163 On World Polio Day, India’s Progress 10/24/2013 View Detail
164 [GAVI CSO] We Are All Responsible for Each Other’s Children 09/17/2013 View Detail
165 Society Exchange Opportunity-EAPS 08/01/2013 View Detail
166 EPA/UNEPSA Newsletter Issue 18 - Highlights from Europaediatrics 07/11/2013 View Detail
167 Report of 13th UNPSTR Congress held at Issık Göl-Kyrgyzstan 07/11/2013 View Detail
168 Independent board says polio transmission can be stopped by 2014 06/06/2013 View Detail
169 Think Globally, Act Locally: The Global Tobacco Pandemic 05/23/2013 View Detail
170 South Sudan prioritizes immunization, keeps polio at bay 04/25/2013 View Detail
171 New Measles & Rubella Initiative Annual Report 04/22/2013 View Detail
172 IAP Support for Measles and Rubella Iniatiative 04/20/2013 View Detail
173 UNICEF Report: Improving Child Nutrition, the Achievable Imperative for Global Progress 04/16/2013 View Detail
174 FOCUS on Vaccine Access 04/13/2013 View Detail
175 Pediatric Societies and the SUN-movement of the UN-secretary general 04/02/2013 View Detail
176 March VIMS Report on Global Vaccine Introduction 03/28/2013 View Detail
177 WHO draft Guidelines on the Quality, Safety and Efficacy of Vi Polysaccharide Conjugate Typhoid Vaccine 03/21/2013 View Detail
178 Vaccine suspicion aggravates measles outbreak in Nigeria 03/15/2013 View Detail
179 GAELP Launch: International campaign on lead poisoning prevention 03/14/2013 View Detail
180 Grant Opportunities from the Gates Foundation and its Partners 03/11/2013 View Detail
181 New report on prohibition of corporal punishment in the European Union 02/28/2013 View Detail
182 Recently Released CaT Articles 02/06/2013 View Detail
183 Final UNEP mercury treaty protects vaccine access! 01/21/2013 View Detail
184 Typhoid and Paratyphoid in recent Global Burden of Disease Articles 01/07/2013 View Detail
185 UNEP Mercury Treaty & Thiomersal - Update & Articles in Pediatrics 12/20/2012 View Detail
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