Introduction to the subject area

The ECD SAG of the IPA concentrates on empowering pediatricians to enhance childhood development in their daily practice as well as to be leaders in training other health professionals and families of young children in all communities, rich or poor. It features a program committee and a panel of consultants all of whom are world renowned experts in the field. It also relies on close partnerships with international organizations such as WHO and UNICEF.

SAG Lead and Committee

Lead: Dr. Mohamad Mikati

Committee: Dr. Lama Charafeddine, Dr. GhassanIssa, Dr. Jane Lucas, Dr. DurriyaSinno, Dr. BernadelleDaelmans


History within the IPA

• August 2007-March 2009: Preparations to establish the program.

• July 13-17 2009: The WHO UNICEF Sri Lanka training meeting on promoting early childhood

• development in South East Asia.

• April 19-21, 2010: The UNICEF New York City Head Quarters Global Consultation on ECD research agenda April 19-21.

• May 1-7, 2010: The International Congress of Child Neurology, Cairo, Egypt.

• August 3-7, 2010: Activities during the IPA Congress:

• IPA-UNICEF-WHO Workshop on Childhood Development in Johannesburg, highlights a Major

• Interest of Pediatrician in the New IPA Program on Early Childhood Development (ECD)

• Beirut Activities (SanteSudSeminair Beirut October 29, 2010.

• Partnership for Maternal, Newborn and Child Health (PMNCH) Forum and Board Meeting

• The Consultative Group on Early Childhood Care and Development (CGECCD) meeting November 29-December 3, 2010.

• World Conference on Social Determinants of Health Rio De Janeiro Brazil Oct 19-21 2011

• UNICEF Global Consultation on ECD, InnocentiCenter, Florence, Italy, February 16-17, 2012:

• WHO Global Consultation Geneva January 9-10, 2013

• WHO/UNICEF/IPA Care for Child Development Planning and Implementation Workshop-Ankara, Turkey, 24-29 June 2013

• The IPA-WHO-UNICEF Pre-congress Workshop on Early Childhood Development Saturday August 24: Empowering Pediatricians to Care for Child Development

Info to be added for period of 2014-2017

• WHO Nurturing Care Global Consultation Geneva January March 20-21 2018

• IPA SAG meeting London, UK, March 24, 2018
Future plan of action

• Publish position paper on Nurturing Care and ECD

• Sessions on nurturing care and ECD in the 2019 IPC

• Support implementation of nurturing care by funding pilot model program
Reports of Various Activities

• WHO Nurturing Care Global Consultation Geneva January March 20-21 2018

• IPA SAG meeting London, UK, March 24, 2018

• Publication of article showing how the adaptation of instrument evaluation development to a local population can be applied to understand factors affecting child development