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Online Survey Global Alliance to Eliminate Lead Paint

The Global Alliance is a voluntary collaborative initiative to achieve international goals to prevent children’s exposure to lead from paint and to minimize occupational exposures to lead paint. The Global Alliance is a joint undertaking of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and the World Health Organization (WHO).

Though an online survey WHO and UNEP we are trying to get a broad a picture as possible and obtain initial information about the current status of  lead paint and any related prevention and control activities.

•  Please paste the following link into your web-browser https://extranet.who.int/datacol/survey.asp?survey_id=1724 and activate the survey using the user name and   password needed is   "survey" and "survey"

•  If any of the IPA membership is interested in further information on this initaitive please do not hestitate to contact noleadinpaint@who.int

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